Yanmar ViO55-5B Mini Excavator


Yanmar America

The mini excavator, reinvented by Yanmar.


Yanmar America

The mini excavator ViO55-5B, reinvented by Yanmar.

  • A whole line up of high performance features for professionals.
  • Operation so easy it’s a joy.
  • All-round comfort and convenience.

True Zero Tail Swing

• No part of the housing extends beyond the tracks.
• Allows efficient operation in tight spaces.
• Access to more jobs
• Less damage to the machine
• Less damage to the site
• Better visibility – Increased Safety

Hydraulic Quick Coupler

The standard equipment hydraulic coupler expands the versatility of th e VIO series by allowing a variety of bucket sizes or attachments to be used, saving the contractor the expense of bringing other machines to the job site. The YANMAR hydraulic quick coupler adapts to most bucket pin sizes and spreads, allowing the VIO to adapt to other manufacturers products

ROPS/FOPS Canopy or Cabin ROPS/FOPS Canopy protects against operator injury.

Integrated Boom Light Integrated boom-light is protected from damage.
Angled Crawler Frame Angled crawler frame reduces unwanted build up of foreign matter.
Traveling Alarm The audible traveling alarm signals people nearby when the machine is being moved.
VIPPS (ViO Progressive 3-Pump System) The VIO series excavators utilize multiple variable displacement piston pumps and gear pumps. The load sensing pumps in combination with YANMAR’s innovative hydraulic circuitry design, allow fast, smooth and powerful performance even when combining functions of the boom, arm bucket and swing
Air Conditioning Air conditioning for a cool comfortable workplace.

VICTAS (ViO Crawler Technology for Advanced Stability) VICTAS (ViO Crawler Technology for Advanced Stability)   This Advanced Stability is due to YANMAR’s  off set track technology and the results are outstanding. Due to this technology the Vio Series offer increased stability without increasing the undercarriage width and the short-pitch rubber crawler reduces vibration when traveling.

Model: ViO55-5
Operating Weight (Canopy): 11,532 lbs
Operating Weight (Cabin): 11,819 lbs
Engine Make: YANMAR
Engine Model: 4TNV88
Engine HP (net): 39.5hp/2400rpm
Engine HP (gross): 39.5hp/2400rpm
Digging Force (Bucket): 7,598 lbs
Digging Force (Arm): 5,062 lbs
Hydraulic Pump Type: 2 x Piston, 2 x Gear
Total Pump Capacity: 34.9 gpm
Auxiliary Flow: 21.3 gpm
Main Relief Set Pressure: 3553 psi
Travel Speed (Low): 1.4 mph
Travel Speed (High): 2.7 mph
Traction Force/Draw Bar Pull: 12,039 lbs
Fuel Tank Capacity: 16.9 gal
Ground Contact Pressure (Canopy): 4.1 psi
Ground Contact Pressure (Cabin): 4.22 psi
Lifting Capacity (Ground level at MAX): 2,209 lbs
Lifting Capacity (Ground level at 13’2″/4000mm): 3,111 lbs
Lifting Capacity (Ground level at 9’10″/3000mm): 4,494 lbs
Ground level at 8’2″ (2500mm): 5,585 lbs
Max. Digging Depth: 13’1″ (3980mm)
Max. Digging Depth w/ Blade: 13’8″ (4160mm)
Max. Vertical Digging Depth: 9’6″ (2900mm)
Max. Digging Height: 21’2″ (6440mm)
Max. Dumping Height: 14’5″ (4400mm)
Max. Digging Reach@ground: 20’4″ (6200mm)
Min. Turning Radius (w/o swing): 7’7″ (2320mm)
Tail Swing Radius: 3’3″ (995mm)
Overall Length: 18’3″ (5560mm)
Overall Height/Canopy: 8’7″ (2620mm)
Overall Width: 6’6″ (1990mm)
Min. Ground Clearance: 1’2″ (360mm)
Track Length: 8’7″ (2620mm)
Crawler Width: 1’4″ (400mm)
Blade Width: 6’6″ (1970mm)
Blade Height: 1’4″ (400mm)
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