Wanco Full-Matrix Message Sign


Wanco, Inc.
Full-size, full-matrix Wanco Variable Message Signs are the ideal choice when you need to get information to the public. The full matrix allows the greatest flexibility for displaying any type of message — large or small letters, graphics and symbols. Perfect for a wide variety of applications, a multitude of functions and options make these signs extremely versatile.


Wanco, Inc.

  • Under 3000 pounds, can be towed by most vehicles
  • Standard 2-inch ball coupler tow-hitch
  • Hydraulic lift allows one person to easily raise and lower the message board
  • Tower rotates 360 degrees for optimal positioning
  • Single disk brake holds board in place during operation, while a cradle supports and holds board in travel position
  • Self-contained onboard computer, no laptop required
  • Easiest programming in the industry
  • Preprogrammed text messages, symbols and graphics
  • Quick-reference instructions, silkscreened on control panel, include most commonly performed tasks
  • Easily center each line of text
  • Internal clock facilitates built-in schedule programming
  • Multiple alphanumeric fonts make message clear and legible
  • Optical lenses and sunshades increase visibility and performance
  • Wide footprint provides stability in high wind, while optional outriggers add even more support
  • Multi-level password protection limits access to control software
  • Control box can be locked to prevent unauthorized access
  • Standard QWERTY keyboard is easily replaced
Power system
  • Energy-efficient operation results in long run times
  • Solar panels charge batteries automatically without intervention
  • Computer shuts down solar-panel charging system when batteries are fully charged, preventing damage
  • Unique system allows battery charging with solar panels and commercial power
  • Cooling fans protect sign cabinet and battery charger from overheating
  • Battery box can be locked to prevent unauthorized access
  • Individual character modules can be replaced easily
  • Standard 15-inch trailer tires
  • Heavy-duty bolt-on steel fenders can be replaced if damaged
  • Durable powder-coat finish resists the elements
Standards compliance
  • NTCIP compliant
  • Meets MUTCD
  • AASHTO (NTPEP) tested
Weight: Approx. 2640 lbs. (1193 kg)
Trailer MIG-welded, 2 x 3-inch steel tubing
Sign cabinet Aluminum sheet and welded channels
Coating Powder-coated and oven-baked
Axle assembly 3500-lb. capacity
4-inch drop axle
5 on 4.5-inch BC idler hub
Double eye leaf springs
Tires ST205/75 D15
Resolution Four amber LEDs form each pixel
Matrix 48 pixels wide, 27 pixels high
Smallest characters 4 lines, 12 characters
Largest characters 1 line, 6 characters
Legibility Approx. 600 to 3200 ft. (183 to 976 m)
Power — standard
Batteries Four 6 V dc golf cart-type, wired in series and parallel for 12 V dc power supply
Battery capacity 450 Ah total
Battery charger 15 A
Solar panels 130 W
Power — optional
Batteries & solar Six 6 V dc golf cart-type, wired in series and parallel for 12 V dc power supply, 675 Ah total battery capacity
150 W or 170 W solar power
Diesel engine Lombardini 15 LD 350D
7.5 hp (5.5kW) @ 3600 RPM
1.3 qt. (1.2 L) deep oil sump
Transparent polyethylene fuel tank, 30-gallon capacity
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