MMD NGW-190H Portable Welder/Generator


MMD Equipment
MMD Equipment portable generators are built using only the highest-quality and most dependable components, including your choice of a reliable Honda gasoline engine or a rugged Yanmar diesel engine. They feature a heavy-duty brushless generator end that provides the highest motor starting capabilities and voltage stability in the industry — which helps make MMD Equipment portable generators the preferred power source of contractors.


MMD Equipment

Simultaneous use AC (120/240V)/DC (50–180A) generator/welder offers excellent open circuit voltage for superior welding.
Automatic voltage regulation and 100% copper windings provide consistent power, full output for motor starting and the ability to withstand surges caused by electric motors and tools.


Voltage — 120/240V
Max. Output — 3,800W
Max. Amps — 31.7 amps
Rated Output — 3,300W
Rated Amps — 27.5 amps


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