DYNAPAC LP 650H/LP 750H Double Drum Roller


The Dynapac LP650/LP750 is a heavy duplex roller that is ideal for the compaction of soil and asphalt compounds. The lower part of the machine has a small overhang to allow the roller to be run close to obstructions, eg, walls. The machine is equipped with large watertank and a dead-man’s handle. Options are electric starter and push-stop.


The DYNAPAC LP 650H/750H are reliable, fully dyrostatic duplex rollers with excellent compation effect on both soil and asphalt.

Generous water tanks with large filling holes allows greater production on longer shifts.  High maximum speed gives greater surface coverage.  A progressive control for both speed and forward/reverse motion gives smooth starting and stopping.  A hydrostatic vibration drive gives maximum compaction effect.  Minimal overhang and completely smooth sides provide superior accessibility close to obstacles.  Machined drums help avoid marking on hot mixes.  Low center of gravity guarantees stable reliable operation.  All controls are within easy reach of the operator.


Net mass: 818 kg
Operating mass: 838 kg
Frequency: 63 Hz
Amplitude: 0,5 mm
Centrifugal force: 19 kN
Speed: 60 m/min

Drum diam: 440 mm
Drum length: 650 mm
LxWxH: 1286(2634) x774x1195 mm

Hatz Supra 1D81S
10,5 kW, 3000 rpm

Push stop

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