Allmand Maxi-Air MA 45kVA Mobile Generator


Allmand, a subsidiary of Briggs & Stratton Corporation, is a manufacturer of portable jobsite equipment focused on providing customers with safe, reliable, and high-quality products. Located in Holdrege, Nebraska, Allmand manufactures portable light towers, mobile industrial heaters, solar flashing arrow boards, and portable light stands for the global construction, mining, oil & gas, and rental markets.


• Heavy Duty, Over-sized Alternator with Separate Excitation Winding – Larger starting capacity to more easily start larger motors with variable loads.

• Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) – Faster, more responsive and stable voltage regulation for consistent power which allows the unit to power sensitive equipment.

• 120 Volt GFCI Receptacles Always Energized – No matter what voltage is selected, the convenience receptacle is available in 60Hz mode.

• Sound Attenuated, with Airflow Design – Reduction in sound level. • Frequency Switch to Run 50Hz or 60Hz – Provides flexibility for jobsite power needs.

• Fuel Filter System – Dual fuel filter system with acrylic filter housing which removes contaminants to provide enhanced protection for longer engine life.

• Electronic Governor – Maintain engine speed independent of load while providing more consistent and reliable power.

• High Capacity, Cold Start Battery – Increase cold cranking amps for easier starting capabilities in all climate conditions.

• Adjustable Coupler Channel – Allows a trailer to be towed level to the ground for ease of towing.

• 15” Tires – Longer wear and greater towing capabilities.



Armature Connection Star with Neutral/Zig/Zag
# of Poles 4 Pole
Insulation Class F
Excitation Brushless with AVR
Power Factor .50%
Frequency 60 Hz
Standby Power 48.5 kVA/22kW
Voltage Single Phase 120V/240V/277V (Switchable)
Voltage Three Phase 208V/240V/416V/480V (Switchable)
Model Isuzu 4LE2X
EPA Emission Level Tier 4 Final
Cylinders  4
Output @ Rated Speed 59 HP
Governor Type Isochronous
Integral Fuel Capacity  106 gallons
Full Fluid Capacity 110%
Battery 12V system
Run Time @ Full Load 36+ hours
Weights and Dimensions
LxWxH w/o Trailer 81.9″x38.2″X61.4″
Dry Weight  2425 lbs
Operating Weight (Wet) 3197 lbs
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