Airtec ES-200 Surface Grinder/Scarifier


Teesin Manufacturing Ltd

The Airtec ES-200 offers high versatility and easy handling in one model.



Teesin Manufacturing Ltd

The Airtec ES-200 offers high versatility, easy handling, compact size and dust free operation in one model.

Unique features:

  • Lightweight
  • Rugged Construction
  • Precision Depth Control Wheel
  • Quick Lift-Off and Quick-Set Lever
  • Front Carry Bar-Edger Available
  • Variety of Cutter Flails and Brushes
  • Vacuum Connection
  • Adjustable Handle
  • Proven urability
  • Performance up to 1,000 Sq.Ft/Hr; 100 meter square per hour

The machine is suitable for any surface and coating. It can performs the following:

  • Cleaning: Factory floor
  • Roughening: Ramps, walk, loading docks
  • Grinding away: Asphalt, concrete bumps, uneven surfaces
  • Cutting: Anti-slip grooves on roads, dairies, and concrete surfaces
  • Removing: Traffic lines, old coatings, caked oil and grease, old carpet backing, asphalt tile or build up. Removing laitance, roof chippings. Remove rust, scale, mill scale
  • Prepare: Swimming pools, tennis court

Model ES-200E ES-200G ES-200A
Power Electric Motor: 3Hp,3 Phase
2 Hp,1 Phase
Gasoline Engine(propane optional)  5 Hp Air Motor 3.2 Hp
Voltage 230/460 V,115/230V, 60Hz 4 cycle unit uses ordinary gas 4 bar/60psi
Working width of drum 200mm(8″)
Total Weight 59kg (120lbs) 56kg (115lbs)
Total Height 920mm(36″)
Overall Width 360mm (14″)
Overall Lenght

890mm (35″)


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