From July 9th to July 16th, 2016, Kevin Dooley, president of Baystate Equipment Rental & Sales, attended the Yanmar Global Dealer Convention in Fukuoka, Japan.  During the visit, Dooley and thirty-one other Yanmar dealers from the U.S. and Canada toured the equipment manufacturing facility as well as the Yanmar engine factory.

At the dealer convention, Yanmar outlined their vision for expansion in the U.S. market and demonstrated new product soon to be available in the U.S.   After the visit Dooley talked about the success of his trip.  “It was great to see the equipment and engine manufacturing facilities.  It gives me great confidence that the product we supply to our customers is first rate.  Yanmar is looking for explosive growth in the U.S. market and is offering great deals to our customers.”



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